Using a Gas Grill to Smoke Food

Just because you don’t owner a smoker doesn’t mean you can get in on the smoking food craze.

smoking on gas

A gas grill is not just for grilling but you can smoke food as well on it. Here is a method for anyone to follow and do just that without using a smoker!

Steps needed for smoking food on a gas grill

Choosing the right wood

The right kind of wood is needed to infuse aroma and flavor when smoking food. Wood chips from hickory, apple, cherry or mesquite chips although you can use readily available wood pellets for smoking too. Make sure the wood pellets or chips used are food-grade for food safety.

chart for types of wood

Using a smoker tube or smoker box for a container

Get a container for the wood used for smoking; either use a smoker box (tube, metal box, or can) will be placed on the grill. Utilizing a smoker tube is more convenient than smoker box which is tedious a bit. A smoker tube produces better smoke and is more controllable than a do-it-yourself smoker box. Burn ashes must have a container to keep the gas grill clean when cooking food.

Keep it soaked or dry

Soaking the wood chip/pellets a few hours before using the wood chips/pellets for smoking it is needed so you can control the chips. It is best to soak then an hour earlier so it won’t be so too wet but enough for a controlled burn. Dry wood can be used but dampening the wood has a much more flavorful effect.

Before using the wood chips/pellets make an aluminum/foil pouch

Next up, is gathering up all the wood chips/pellets that you’ve soaked earlier and making a foil pouch to contain them. The foil to be used should fit your smoker box and how much wood chips/pellets used will depend on whatever preference is in mind. Keeping more than one packet ready for cooking will be very handy but don’t forget to punch holes to release the smoke.

pouch for foil

Smoking the food

Place the smoker box anywhere on the grill and start up the grill. It’s best not to place food next to the smoker box. Preheating the grill to let the wood chips smoke and close the grill now and decide how much the food will be smoked. Take the food out when done and close the grill so the smoker box or smoker tube can be re-used for later.

Learning more about smoking the food on a gas grill

Smoking on a gas grill is better than buying a smoker that can be a bit expensive. Having this skill and having a smoker tube instead of a makeshift smoker box is more efficient and less time consuming as well. The art of smoking food on a gas grill is a great skill that is useful in making flavorful and aromatic dishes the non-traditional way. Extending the usefulness of our gas grills to smokers is a great addition to your dinner table.

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